Dec 142016

I was late for work this morning. Before we traded in our satellite TV for Netflix I didn’t understand what binge watching was. I had heard about it, of course, but I had never really done it. You can watch TV for a long period of time but it’s not the same as binge watching. Binge watching is when you watch episode after episode of a particular show or series because you have access to the entire series all at once. You don’t have to wait for a week for the next episode. They’re all right there – waiting to be watched. And when the series you’re into has an ongoing story line the compulsion to keep following the story is strong. Very strong! You find yourself saying, “Oh, just one more…” which of course leads to just one more, then one more, and then you’re binge watching.

Binging is on the rise in our culture. There are all kinds of things that people binge on, and most of them are probably not the healthiest for us. I’ve heard of binge eating, binge drinking, and binge shopping – all of which are prominent in this festive holiday season. I find it curious though that we don’t hear about people doing binge caroling, or binge helping, or binge giving. We do all those things, but we don’t tend to binge on them. I guess they’re not as fun as TV?

I wonder what it would be like if we did binge worshipping, or binge praying? Why isn’t that compulsion as strong? Why don’t we hear at the end of our worship service, “Oh, just one more…” and then one more, and then one more? Why do we binge on shallow things and not deep things? I was late for work this morning, but it wasn’t because I was binge praying last night. What are you binging on that you probably shouldn’t be? What are you not doing enough of that you probably should do more of? Over these next few weeks I encourage you to do some binge noticing!

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  1. Id look at space. Wether the driveway for next door was close to the bedrooms. Id chose a house with a bigger living space. Check to make sure there is no pealing paint or patches that have been painted over on ceilings (we now have alot over our house because the paint was never put on properly. Huge job to fix it) and id pay more attention to drainage and also id never move next to a huge tree like we did. hehe but thats just me 🙂 Goodluck with it 🙂 An ensuite square or not would be awmeoes!!!

  2. We visited Jamaica a few years ago and traveled around the western half of the island – driving to Negril, Black River, Treasure Beach, Mandeville and then up to Falmouth. It was an amazing 10 days, and we can't wait to return! Next time we're definitely heading over the eastern half, Port Antonio and the Blue Mountains. Jamaica is a wonderful destination – certainly worth much more than just an all-inclusive hide-away if you ask me.

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