Jan 182017

Who’s your team? I have to confess that I am much less of a sports fan than I used to be. I know people who were holding their breath yesterday waiting for confirmation about the signing of a certain player, and people who schedule their lives around the Saturday night game, or the Sunday afternoon game. Is your game hockey, baseball, football, hoops, or maybe something else? I myself am a big fan of football – real football, as in soccer, the beautiful game! My team is Arsenal, and while I may yawn about how the Leafs, Jays, or Raptors are faring I’m pretty passionate about how the Gunners are doing.

We wear jerseys, scarves, toques, jackets, sweatpants, and all manner of other paraphernalia celebrating our favourite teams. We call ourselves fans, which means “an ardent devotee, an enthusiast.” We identify ourselves as part of the movement. We find ourselves saying “we won last night” when “we” actually had nothing whatsoever to do with it. But we’re fans, so we’re heavily emotionally invested. It’s part of our identity. We love the game.

As followers of the Way of Jesus I guess you could say that we’re on Team Jesus. Are you a fan? Are you an ardent devotee or an enthusiast? Are you emotionally invested? Is it a part of your identity? Does your mood depend on how your “team” does on Sunday morning? Do you have any Jesus clothing or paraphernalia? Many Jesus fans wear a cross, or a fish emblem, or religious jewelry of some kind. Do you? Do you wear it prominently or keep it somewhat hidden?

Why do you think it seems like folks are more passionate fans of their favourite sports team than they are of Team Jesus? I think we all ought to get clothing emblazoned with Faith United on it, bring our barbeques on Sunday and have a tailgate worship, paint our faces up, and let the world know we’re on Team Jesus! (Ok, perhaps I’m exaggerating to make a point – or maybe not!) Go Team!

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