Jan 262017

Last Sunday was an important day for Faith United. If you weren’t able to be in church that day I do hope you will go to our website and read the sermon/message that is there. It’s called “A Firm Faith.” There will be a YouTube video available any day now as well. The reason Sunday was so important was because it was the official launch day for our year long journey toward becoming an Affirming Ministry. We are already inclusive and welcoming. We do a fabulous job of warmly welcoming anyone who comes to our church who is seeking to learn and grow and follow in the Way of Jesus, regardless of their ethnicity, or class, or sexual orientation, or gender identity, or ability, or anything. We really do practice radical hospitality.

The difference is that an Affirming church does some extra work to educate ourselves on the variety of people in the world, especially those with whom we have not yet had the opportunity to have much experience with. Primarily, Affirming Ministries focus on people who are under the LGBTQ umbrella. These are people who, historically, have not been treated well by churches for a variety of reasons, and who are understandably leery of risking being hurt again, so they feel excluded even though we would love to include them.

So the purpose of our journey is to learn about diversity and difference and then, when we’re ready, to intentionally and out loud say to our community that anyone who authentically wants to join us on a journey of deepening Christian faith is absolutely welcome in our church. We will try to help break down the barriers and open up a path home to the heart of God – a path just like the one we follow! We will learn through sermons, and bulletin inserts, and display boards, and workshops, and discussion times. There will be times and topics that may stretch us and make us uncomfortable, but we will journey together in faith knowing we are one in Christ. Please be sure to read or watch the sermon at the links above. I look forward to making this journey with you!

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